Smaakaron Patisserie has existed since 2019 and  is a gift to your senses. Once you come in You will immediately smell the aroma of our chocolate being worked with at the back. The colors of our macarons and bonbons will invite you to explore and experience the flavor combinations result of the life expertise of our chefs and find your perfect treat or gift. You will receive the warmest welcome and will be assisted to select your favorite flavors.


Our Brazilian chef Alvaro Anjos created Smaakaron to be also a representation of his origines bringing into the filling of the macarons the flavor of its confections and tropical ingredients.

From the very famous brigadeiro -brazilian chocolate fudge- to the delicious Romeo e Julieta – guava and fresh cheese – he made sure you can, through those flavors, dive into the experience that makes him feel just like being in his home country. The ‘doce de leite’ macaron will make you come back for it over and over.

Taste the Extraordinary:

Unleashing the Magic of Smaakaron


Heavenly Flavors

Delight your taste buds with a symphony of delectable flavors, from classic combinations to daring, innovative creations that push the boundaries of indulgence.

Exceptional Ingredients

We source only the finest, high-quality ingredients to create our macarons and chocolate bonbons, ensuring a superior taste that captivates from the first bite.

Artisanal Mastery

Our skilled chocolatiers and pastry chefs meticulously handcraft each macaron en chocolate bonbon, ensuring exceptional quality and taste.


Smaakaron is driven from the desire to share our passion, creativity and warmth to everyone that needs an extra bite of happiness. We are blessed with the best team of chefs, front of house and customer service. We love making our products look, taste and feel special from the moment we start mixing those ingredients to the moment we wrap your box with that lovely ribbon.


We currently have our production happening in 2 locations. At the perfectly controlled environment of Smaakaron patisserie you will see the production of our chocolate bonbons and bars. At our second production kitchen in Groningen we keep the production of all of our macarons and that is also the location of our macaron workshops.